TouchPoint Questionnaires

BDO TouchPoint Questionnaires is an application that allows users to create and distribute questionnaires to clients and other needed participants. Whether it be for information gathering or feedback, our questionnaires application will allow the user to create customizable questionnaires to send to employees and clients.

To navigate to TouchPoint Questionnaires from the B-Digital Home page, select the TouchPoint Questionnaires option.

Create Questionnaire

Create Questionnaire

To create a new questionnaire, you will need to click on the create questionnaire button ().

You will then click the Add Questionnaire button ().

A modal will arise of which you will need to fill in. Once filled in, select the “Add” button ().

Thereafter to edit the questionnaire and add questions, you will need to click on the small blue binocular's icon ()

This will take you to a page where you will be able to see the questionnaire details. To the right of this you will be able to select edit details (), to edit details of the questionnaire, or edit questions (), which is where you can add questions to your questionnaire.

Hereafter you will be taken to this page where there is a guidance block to see how to create a question.

Right click on the name of your questionnaire to start adding questions or sections. ​

You can then click the Add button to add a section or a question. A section will consist of multiple questions.

Adding Questions

Adding Questions

When adding questions the following will be visible:

At the bottom of this page, after you have populated the question for the user to answer, you will see the change answer options button

You will now be able to choose the type of question by selecting from a drop-down list:

You can add validation rules per question. This is under the validation tab. You can create a rule and add an instruction for the answerer.

Preview Questionnaire

Preview Questionnaire

Once you have added all your questions, you can preview your questionnaire to see how it will appear to the person who is to answer it. You can do this by clicking the green preview mode button () under your profile icon.